Plastic Surgery Facts

People change their physical appearance for many reasons. Whether for aesthetic or medical reasons, plastic surgery is a practice that has been in existence for a very long time. There have been several records attesting to accounts of recorded plastic surgery techniques and practices in ancient times. Today, plastic surgery is more common and the practice continues to gain popularity with each passing day. Technology and research have improved leading to better and more efficient plastic surgery techniques. Even that being the case, many people do not know much about this, sometimes ticklish, procedure. Here are a couple of plastic surgery facts.

Plastic Surgery Top Facts

It is Common across the World

Plastic surgery is a procedure that is common all over the world, both historically and in modern times. Many people of all walks of life do plastic surgery for various reasons. Today, dental cosmetic surgery focused on enhancing people’s appearance has gained much traction. Historically, this practice has been recorded in societies in Asia, Europe, and Africa; albeit in lesser scales. As the world becomes more connected, the practice has evolved substantially and is now a common phenomenon in many countries.

It is a Booming Business

One of the lesser attributed plastic surgery facts is that cosmetic surgery is a booming business. The cost of changing any physical attribute of the human body is in no measure a cheap affair. Some of the most expensive plastic surgery procedures have cost the client money to a tune of thousands of US dollars. This business aspect of the procedure has attracted medical companies far and wide. The variety and forms of cosmetic procedures have also increased a lot. Some plastic surgeons have focused more on cosmetic surgery as a specialty as the business aspect of it continues to grow.

Plastic Surgery as a Corrective procedure

Despite the dramatic rise of cosmetic surgery, many people still do plastic surgery out of necessity. Most of these people are victims of serious burns and accidents that have left ghastly scars on their bodies. People born with defects also require this procedure to restore normal functions of their bodies. This corrective form of reconstructive surgery has come to be known by the term ‘plastic surgery’ to distinguish it from ‘cosmetic surgery’ which is focused more on enhancing appearance.

Plastic Surgery and Gender Differences

Various statistics from the medical fraternity show that more women, especially those in the age of 35- 50 and over in overall are more likely to get plastic surgery than their male counterparts. Breast and nose surgery has been asserted as the most common type of plastic surgery worldwide. In recent times, more men have also been recorded to gradually adopt the practice of cosmetic surgery, especially in the last decade where numbers of cosmetic surgery among men have surged immensely.

These are some of the common plastic surgery facts. There has always been controversy in the whole practice of plastic surgery, from safety concerns to the morality of the practice. With globalization and modernization, however, people are getting to know this practice and accepting it in different ways.